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Thread: Why Tags and Category URLs not count as copy content

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    Why Tags and Category URLs not count as copy content

    I doubt one thing. I have seen too many tags on blog for 1 blog post. Now each tag and category will create individual url and on that url there will be snippets of actual blog post. so lets suppose for 1 post we have added 5 tags so on each 5 tags and 1 category it will have snippets of actual blog. Why it is not considered as copy content?

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    On Wordpress they introduced the canonical meta tag, this is designed to instruct the search engine bot which URL to count as the primary source of the content. But the snippets should get discounted anyway since their pages have less content on them. The problem comes when the category and tag pages are very similar to the main post page i.e. they are replicating the full post content. These pages should ideally use the excerpts function in the template.

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    Thanks for your reply. I was also thinking probably canonical tag can be reason for that. Now in my case I feel suppose on my blog page(its custom blog in joomla) I have entered 6 tags and on all 6 tags contain same snippets, 1st Para of the main blog entry so if we see that pages than can say that 6 pages have same content. so in such cases I have 10 blog entries on 60 Tags so volume of copy content can be considered more I am not sure if this could be a reason for some of my huge keyword position drop.

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    The canonical tag was introduced as a solution to a problem of duplicate content on the same site where the whole article was duplicated on archive pages.

    If you have many tag pages that have snippets of your main page content, then the snippet pages are likely to rank lower for keywords. The main pages/posts should always rank higher than snippet pages.

    If your site experienced an overall drop in rankings, then it's got nothing to do with snippets, tags etc. IMO.

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