There are niches which many people here can make good money in, but almost everyone is ignoring. Of course, one of the definitions of a good niche is one that most people are ignoring.

The secret niche is this: non-English sites.

Here's a bit of insider data. I operate over a dozen small proxy lists. Visitors come to these sites to find proxies. The sites are pretty similar to each other, but not identical. But, the sites do not earn equally. The best earner among these sites makes 40 times as much as the site on the other end of the scale. So how is the top performer different than any of the other sites in the portfolio? It's in German.

In most niches, the competition is far less in non-English markets.

Here's another bit of data which sheds light on this topic. This data is from last fall. I was automatically translating one of my sites into a bunch of additional languages.

Here's how the traffic breaks down between languages:

And here's the breakdown in AdSense revenue:

This post isn't about automatic translations -- that's another topic entirely. But this data does show how well non-English content can do even with the low quality inherent in automated translation and without significant link building efforts.

This post, instead, is about creating entire web sites in non-English languages.

From the data above, you can see that the best choices are:

  1. Italian
  2. Spanish
  3. German
  4. French
  5. Dutch
  6. Portuguese

This gets better, and more profitable, when you translate content that you already own onto a foreign language site. This can be done manually, or by using Google Translate and manually cleaning up the results.

I know we have French, Dutch, and Portuguese Net Builders. Is anyone here fluent in Italian or Spanish?