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Thread: Worth it to Build up an Amazon Store?

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    Worth it to Build up an Amazon Store?

    Got a nice script (for free no less!) that will build nice looking amazon stores.

    My question is twofold:
    1. Is it worth it to build an amazon store?
    2. If so, what niche? (toys, computer, etc.)

    Thank you.

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    There are ups and downs to it. Some people make a tremendous income on Amazon stores that it really can be great. However, the problem with Amazon stores is that the commissions are really not that great. There are different commission systems with them. If you are going to be getting a ton of sales (over 111 things sold a month), you can make a flat fee of 7%. That can begin adding up.

    I just think that the work that goes into building up an Amazon store can be really difficult and I wonder if it is worth it. The ONE great perk about it is that it generates a cookie. So, if I want to buy a book from your Amazon store and then decide I want a TV as well, you get a commission on both the TV and book. Maybe try one and see how it does?

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    As Mafiamaster stated, the commissions are low with Amazon, but the conversions tend to be higher because everyone is familiar with Amazon.

    Like everything else on the web, Amazon sales are directly related to the amount of traffic you can drive to a site. Google is your best friend and your worst enemy because they periodically actively penalizing Amazon sites due to the duplicate content found on almost all Amazon sites. Amazon sites can do very well if you develop unique content.


    1. Amazon XML feed is easy to work with. Products, prices and data auto-update with the XML feed.
    2. Good consumer recognition, which translates into higher conversion.
    3. Wide range of products.
    4. Almost all products purchased receive a commission. Some 3rd party products do not receive a commission.


    1. Commissions are low.
    2. Driving organic traffic is a constant battle with Google.
    3. Amazon support for technical issues is not very good.
    4. There is a two month lag with payments from Amazon.
    5. Affiliate cookie duration is only 24 hours. Items added to a shopping cart receive a commission if purchased within 90 days.

    iowadawg, be aware that your free script may need modification to get it to work properly with the XML feed due to recent changes in the Amazon system. They are now limiting the number of total XML requests that you can make in an hour and they expand the number of requests allowed based upon the sales that you generate. Their 2,000 XML requests per hour limit per account may work for one or two sites, but you can easily exceed that number in 10 or 15 minutes when you run multiple sites and a couple of active spiders get into your sites.

    Is it worth it to set up an Amazon site? Perhaps, if you can drive lots of traffic and the script is easy to work with.
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    I don't think it's worth it unless you put in the effort to create a site that is not purely auto-generated i.e. you need passion and a willingness to invest time and effort into building the site rather than simply installing a free plugin.

    As regards the niche, it probably helps if you have an interest in it so it is more fun to build the site and write original content.

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    The more I check into this, the more I think it is more work than any money to be obtained.

    Be easier really after I talked to a few people yesterday to just set up a blog and make it all original content and not sucked in from amazon.

    Will put this entire amazon on the backburner to revisit next year.

    Thank you all.

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    Rather than a store you can use a wordpress plugin to add related items above/below the post or even create a post based on the item. You'll have original content and you can also publish adsense etc

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    Yes, that part I left out for wordpress.
    Amazon plugins.

    Like I said, backburner item now.

    Oh, if anyone wants this script, the script owner is giving it away free.

    Amazon aStore Script | aStore SEO | Amazon Affiliate Store Script

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    Not to change the topic but have you looked in to ebay ads? They don't pay much but every little bit helps. I have one small ad on one of my sites that payed me $3 last mo and it only took me a few min to set up. Just an idea.

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    Way back when, ebay for some reason shut me down.

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    Way back when, ebay for some reason shut me down.
    It may have been because you didn't follow all the small print in the affiliate agreement (such as the 301 redirect rule)? Amazon has rules too that must be followed such as declaring that you are an Amazon affiliate on your site. You can do this in a Disclaimer page.

    For product links you can copy and paste the link easily by visiting product pages and getting the link from the linking code. I add rel=nofollow to these links to please Google since they are a kind of paid link. Then you can embed the link in your blog posts etc. And copy a product image to your site since it is "fair use" in my opinion.

    Also, I don't mask the link since I think it's a good idea for the visitor to see that they will be going to Amazon if they click the link.

    I learned that this approach (in-content links and images) should be better than using store-like plugins. However I am only playing with Amazon affiliate marketing at the moment. Not much time to devote to it yet.

    I made sales for eBay by showcasing products in a gallery format since eBay listings are always changing. But Amazon products are new and static, so it needs a different approach I think such as product reviews and comparisons.

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