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Thread: 180 days Limited paypal

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    I am wondering if you are in unsupported country why did you tried to fool PayPal?

    No wonder you are in given situation.

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    Hello everybody,
    PayPal monitor closely on our daily activities, and when they find your transaction suspicious they will hit the button. And when PayPal suspend your account and slap you with Limited Access Account, you pretty much can’t perform any transactions until problem is solved. Here’s generally your restriction when account is limited by PayPal:

    • No accepting of incoming funds
    • No sending funds
    • Unable to close and terminate account
    • Limited view to reports

    Your account is basically freeze until problem is solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jAlpari View Post
    So I want to get rid of by selling them.
    Selling the accounts would probably be illegal. I don't think that PayPal will transfer an account.

    You need to resolve the issues with the accounts.
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    If you are in China? I have paypal and now limited.

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    Everything is said what has needed to be said in this thread.

    Topic lock.

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