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Thread: 2Checkout (2CO)

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    2Checkout (2CO)

    I was in the process of adding in additional ways to pay for my business and discovered which accepts CC direct and such. Has anyone have experience with 2Checkout and was it worth the $50 or so startup fee?
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  2. Yes, 2CO is ok, I do not use it but Lot of my clint use it and it;'s moneyworth

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    2CO is great to use. I personally signed up but their formalities and hectic things keep me off. I didn't use it yet. Though I wish to try out. Will do sometime later now.
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  4. Some folks use 2CO to get paid in countries where PayPal doesn't work.

    2CO is expensive, but other than that it is great.
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    My brother is using 2co on his website and so far its going good. Yes, a little expensive (around 6% fee) but worth signing up.

    I, myself, am setting it up for a website. PP do not support my country so, 2co is convenient option for me to accept CC & PP payments.

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    Yeah i used it with my Wordpress Theme website as a Payment processor. It worked fine for me, though its a bit expensive to get started with sign up fee.
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    2 co is stable though expensive. the payout to ur bank accnt is on a fixed amnt of 300+ as specifed by you. in addition to that --they keep 10% of the current payout with them till the next payout

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