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Thread: 4 Lessons Small Business Owners Should Learn

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    Post 4 Lessons Small Business Owners Should Learn

    1. Your entrepreneurial mindset, assuming you have one, is not just a different way of thinking, it’s the only way. Let me explain, if someone with an entrepreneurial mind sets out to start a business, by obviously solving a problem or many problems, their business will turn out better than someone just in it for the money who creates your standard corner bakery when there’s another one right across the street. Entrepreneurs tend to...


    My partner Zac wrote this article on our blog. Waiting for your opinions and comments here or on the blog.


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    Being an entrepreneur is not "cool" - there are a lot of issues and problems one has to tackle.

    There are also societal issues, I started my own enterprise when I was 15, and I faced a lot of pressure from my family and others to drop the idea and get back to books and school.

    We need to understand that, if everyone becomes an entrepreneur - there's nobody to work for us entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurship is an inner feeling - it cannot be promoted or propagated, its what's inside you, its an inner fire.

    People and organizations who yack about promoting entrepreneurship are just trying to make a living doing it.

    My $0.02

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