As a publisher, you should put some lines of codes from Adsense. And if you really paste it directly, everyone can see your pub id by viewing source of your webpage.

So this is how it works : somebody that maybe hates you so much :angry: stealing your pub id and then create some websites/pages and put adsense codes using your pub id. And he clicks on it everyday. Google knows that they're invalid clicks. So what ? Your account get banned sooner or later.

And by the way, google reserves the right not to tell you the exact reason and real click statistics from your adsense account, so you cannot defend yourself and totally have no power against their rules.

Compared with bidvertiser, if your bidvertiser codes pasted anywhere not in the websites you specified, the clicks from there will not be counted. Altough it doesn't really protect your bidvertiser account from invalid clicks, but it will reduce them.