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Thread: Adtoll and Adengage Suggestions

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    Adtoll and Adengage Suggestions

    I have dating/adult site..where people can join free trial and then pay membership for 3 month, 6 months and 12 months.

    Is it worth to buy some advertising on Adtoll or Adengage?

    Anyone already use them to promote his sites?

    Also anyone know good PPC where I can buy UK traffic for cheap?

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    Why NOT to use AdEngage

    The advertising network AdEngage delivers service that is not competitive with other networks. Here are some reasons why:

    Chitika and Google, among numerous advertising networks, aim to display ads that target your website’s visitors. This practice benefits the advertiser as well as the visitor. In the case of AdEngage, the showcased ads are considerably random.

    AdEngage supports a feature wherein publishers may identify a particular subject (and related range products or services) to be omitted. If a publisher chooses to not show advertisements about health or pharmaceuticals, he may find that his website serves advertisements about colon cleansing. This is not the type of advertising that you would want your visitors to experience.

    As it is difficult to forecast the performance of an advertising service, it is recommended that new projects be tested on fairly recent networks. What they purport may be entirely different from what they deliver. Conversely, do not test an established product on a new site (such as AdEngage).

    Note: What defines established commercial sites? A website that has been in operation for a few years while generating thousands of dollars monthly may be labeled as an established commercial site. Do not employ AdEngage in this case, as visitors to your site may associate it with the low-quality service of the network. It would be fair to warn against ruining your site’s reputation with running unrelated and anomalous ads.

    Try placing image and text AdEngage ads on any of your newer or smaller projects and you will see unimpressive results. The displayed ads will turn out to be unconnected to your content, even with meticulous adjustments to the options in the account settings.

    AdEngage will predictably give your site a low CPC, especially when compared to some of the larger advertising networks. The site will most likely receive an insignificant number of clicks in comparison to what it would receive with AdBrite or Google.

    Check the ads as they run. “Dead” arrows in the text advertisements may occur. This may happen several times. The ads may continue running, but the images may turn out busted. This may be easy to work around by downloading the images and storing them on your server, but it shows the quality of service that the outfit provides.

    Some clients may have achieved some success by using the AdEngage service, but many factors and instances illustrate that AdEngage is not a superior advertising network. It may result in being a waste of effort and time to publishers who wish to work with them.

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    How does AdToll Work?

    AdToll is an advertising network that bridges advertisers and publishers. Networks such as these permit publishers to determine their prices, and allow advertisers to buy ads on individual sites.

    Aside from giving publishers the ability to settle on their prices, AdToll also has an auto-pricing feature. This feature uses a formula that calculates a suitable price from various relevant factors. Because advertisers are willing to spend for targeted traffic, sites with specific niches or target demographics benefit from this.

    Clients who choose to work with AdToll also have much control over the relevance and content of the advertisements appearing on their websites. Publishers determine a range for their ad ratings and pick the subjects that they want to prohibit from their site. Three rating options are currently available: Safe, Safe and Teen, and Adult. Publishers can also deny an advertiser for any reason it deems appropriate, in addition to the restrictions of the ad ratings.

    Another one of AdToll’s remarkable features is the publisher’s option to eliminate the ‘Advertise Here’ and ‘Powered By’ text at the lower part of the network’s banners. Clients can also personalize the ‘Advertise Here’ text. Both aforementioned sections of text include the referral link of the publisher.

    AdToll gives all its clients rate cards. These cards contain advertising information like traffic and prices. This feature helps publishers link to their website, thus encouraging potential advertising.

    AdToll benefits publishers because their banner advertisement pricing is CPC-based, not the usual CPM (for networks like AdBrite). The network also offers a higher payout based on percentage while allowing the publisher greater control over the advertisements.

    Advertisers gain from AdToll as the network allows for more ‘focus’ – advertisements are shown to more of the target demographics, and the statistics are consequentially higher. They also provide publishers with geographical data on traffic and clicks.

    Publishers can employ the AdToll network for some types of sites that competitors will not work with, such as gambling or adult sites. This works both ways – for the publisher and advertiser. Again, if a client does not want advertisements of those kinds on their site/s, there is the option to exclude them.

    As a publisher with AdToll, one can also enroll to be an advertiser. One can put advertisements on related sites to promote products or increase traffic to a website.

    AdToll appears to be a decent advertising network with ample features, and intuitive system, and capability to help create profit.

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