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Thread: Adult Diary: First adult project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I had a friend who was a bookie (a person who manages an illegal gambling operation) for the mob. He told everyone he was a librarian.

    I asked "Why a librarian?" He said "I keep books."
    Lol that made me almost fall off my seat. Anyway good luck on the venture but isn't it almost impossible to succeed in the Adult business now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zash View Post
    Isn't it illegal to run a porn site as a minor? Maybe not in your country...

    But good luck
    Yes it is, but I hope nobody will be worried about that -- And if they do, I got some e-mates doing the same so... And maybe it isn't me that is creating the site but only giving the ideas and telling someone else to do it, they can't proof I did it (It might be my father too for example )

    |Nico Lawsons

  3. Family business! LOL

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    6th June - 22 o'clock
    Dear readers, I decided to quit the adult project -- just joking guys, I won't and will never stop this project. (just like I won't stop NetBuildin')

    Okay, let's post a little update on this project, the current host I was at (Versio) couldn't handle the traffic I got on the other adult site I bought a while ago on DigitalPoint. So I had to move on to a new host, I wanted to move to JustHost.Com but that didn't go on as I had to add my creditcard to my PayPal account and I currently don't have a Visa/Mastercard. That's why I bought hosting on Hostgator (Yes it is an affiliate link, you never know somebody wants to help me ) again. Let's hope they won't ban me, but since the old adult site I bought was hosted over there I guess they won't.

    Now the site being transfered to Hostgator I'm still waiting for the nameservers to update, and for me as a Belgian that can still take a few more hours, so instead of sit there and waiting I did some keyword research on WordTracker.Com. I have to admit that it's an awesome website, thanks Will and Word-Tracker, both of you did an amazing job for helping me for the keywords. I'll try to compete with some keywords and do some link exchanges too.

    So far the site isn't monetized yet, and I'll keep it like that for the first month(s). First I'll do the promotion to get a steady amount of traffic, afterwards I'll start selling some banner ads (I prefer selling banner ads from other owners than going with blacklabelads etc.). Let's see how that all goes!

    Best regards
    - Aquarezz
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Once again, good luck
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    I want to start an adult site with my girlfriend. ^_~ But both of us are unsure of what is needed.

    I knew you looked younger. Be careful though, you really DON'T want to get in trouble.

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    Hostgator allows adult sites.
    For getting traffic you can try adult forums like xboard.
    For monetization and more tips on adult sites you can read GFY forums.

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    You can try for an adult forum as well, to get the word out. Actually. I have an account there and for a fee I can put you in my signature. I'm very active there, and my thread has over 30,000 views.

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    Thanks, I'll contact you in August when the site has officially been released gavenecko

    If you are interested to read more, please do on my blog -- The adult project.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Sounds like a Goog project, Best of luck Aquarezz!
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