First of all, I'm Aquarezz - most of you know that by now, but maybe some don't - and I'm only 16 years old. I'm currently working on 7 big projects and every project takes a lot of time. There will only be one project at the time, I won't start 3 in one click, so I want everything to be perfect before starting something else.

The new project,
The new project is - how can it be else if you read the title - about an adult website. I've made my first adult forum in 2005 (gosh, than I was only 12 -- bad me ). I stayed away from the adult industry for quite 4 years and since the last few months I've been thinking about restarting doing adult business. I'm going to start a few adult projects, but with a few months between them. In the next paragraph you can read what I've done so far.

2005 - Started an adult forum for fun, hosted on a free forumup.com service
2009/03/12 - Bought a domainname for an adult forum, so far I've done nothing with it, but the name was too good to leave it unregistered
2009/05/21 - I bought 2 websites, one of them was kind of an adult blog -- but it was more like a 'hot chick' weblog.
2009/05/23 - The domain I bought sucked, so I searched with a couple of mates to some other domains. The domain I bought should be good enough.

What's next?
Ok, you might be interested why I made this thread right? In fact I'm going to make some sort of diary about this project. I'm hoping it won't be boring, but I guess I will succeed in making it interesting enough

Some stuff I will write about:

  1. Keyword analysis
  2. Link exchanges
  3. Traffic
  4. Earnings
  5. Additions
  6. News
  7. ..and a lot more!

Feel free to subscribe to this thread, as I guess it will be worth it This is one of my first 'real' adult projects so I will mistakes -- but I will learn from them instead of getting agressive and shooting people.

To make it harder for people to cheat from stuff I did on my website, I will never release the URL in public. If you ever find the link though, don't post it in this thread or somewhere else -- please. (except if you want to link to it from your website)

Thanks in advance for all support that all NetBuilders will give me!