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    All SEO Jobs looks really cool. I love the adaptation of search engine technology to specific niche functionality.

    The site is the brain child of Eric Shannon, the fellow who created Just Jobs. Eric's a sharp guy and he now possesses the technology to create niche-specific job sites fairly easily.

    But... aside from how well this is going to work for Eric, this type of site could also have a good future in meeting the needs of job searchers in specific verticals -- like SEO.

    What's available in your area?
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    Great find I am sure this site will have a very solid future to build upon and maintain

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    I agreed that it's a great site, but it's only for people in the US.

  4. Yes, it looks great but too bad only for usa. Maybe better if it can be international. It would be better if it has a wider range.

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    I want to earn money only from home based business.

  6. Seems to be a Craigslist clone though it's less of a minimalist.

    Jobs seem to be limited to the US market too. I know they'd hit the jackpot if they targeted India and Philippines as well.

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    Looking forward to working on a few of these - can bring in some decent money, no? I think I have enough skills for proper SEO work, and over time I have learned a ton from blogs and forums like Netbuilders

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    I wish people outside US could also have SEO jobs.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by johnburton View Post
    I wish people outside US could also have SEO jobs.
    There are SEO jobs worldwide at SEO Jobs Finder

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    Bad luck

    Got following message


    The system is currently under maintenance. Please try again later.

    Ok, will try later.


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