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Thread: Amazon Jumps Apple's Shark: Lady Gaga’s New Album For 99 Cents

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    Amazon Jumps Apple's Shark: Lady Gaga’s New Album For 99 Cents

    Amazon is countering Apple with aggressive discounts: A 99-cent one-day sale followed by a $6.99 everyday price. The wholesale cost is $9. So, Amazon is losing $8 for each sale.

    Amazon Strikes Back At Apple In Music, Sells Lady Gaga’s New Album For 99 Cents - Yahoo! Finance

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    Almost every business uses a lost leader to get people to talk about them What they are doing is buying costumers and it seem to be working.

    They got more then that in Free advertisement and links all over the net.

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    They also make up the lost profit with the order add-ons. A user still has to accumulate $25 in purchases to be eligible for free shipping. A lot of people take advantage of that.

    It looks like they have the Gaga album at $7.99 today.
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