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Thread: Anyone heard of Joel Comm

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    Anyone heard of Joel Comm

    Anyone heard of this guy by the name of Joel Comm... Seem like he quite a successful internet marketer earning hundreds of thousands every year ?

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    Yep, he gets about...

    ...and he shaved recently.
    comming soon

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    yup i read his blog frequently

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    I've heard of him. Personally not a big believer in his products, but I am not a fan of most internet marketers marketing to webmasters. They make cash
    selling webmasters dreams and well, I'm jaded by there "big claims" and small delivery. I fell for their tricks years back starting out and I've never gotten over it. Yes, I have issues :P

    This by no means all people selling to webmasters are scammers, I just have some that claim to be big that have done me very wrong in the past and I'm not much on forgiveness to them. Some people sell good products that are great to integrate into your websites, but those promising big bucks for little work "just use this MFA template" "Build you list and watch the cash
    roll in" Blah... annoying!

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    hes old school and has made a lot of cash
    from teaching the new people coming into the biz.

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