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Thread: Apple and iCloud

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    Apple and iCloud

    New deal for iCloud: Developer: Apple strikes universal music deal for iCloud - CIOL News Reports

    Can anyone let me know, Why Apple uses the letter "i" before almost all its services and devices?

  2. The "i" was primarily meant to represent the "internet", emphasizing the first iMac's ability to connect to the internet, but the guy who says he invented the name says it can stand for many other things like innovation, intelligence etc. It was successful on the iMac, and so they started applying it to other devices for consistency, which resulted in it being a de-facto brand associated with Apple, which in branding is apparently a good thing. It's also good cause it allows them to have brands which are so close to generic words, yet aren't.

    I guess iCloud can simply stand for "Internet Cloud", however redundant that may be.

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    Is there any real use of the iCloud. It sells just because of that Apple logo which comes with it..... windows had the azure first

  4. Well, the iCloud wont be active until this fall so right now nobody is using it. According to Apple's plans though, it will be present and supported on all Apple devices, and allow access to your files on each of those devices. If you also buy a song on iTunes it will be accessible to all your Apple devices (if you have more of them). I think it might get more use than Azure (of which I barely even heard to be honest) simply because of how integrated it will be across Apple's eco-system.

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    One great fact about the iCloud is that anything purchased from iTunes is excluded from the storage limit. The most desirable of those being the fact that any gadget that has an internet connection and a web browser can have quick.

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    Yes, I means Internet or it's shows look like a logo.

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    "I" is not internet. As we know that apple always launch its individual launch. that's why "i=individual" product of apple.
    like iPhone,iPod, and iMac etc

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    iCloud + added iTunes functionality saved me "Momma pain" when getting her new U.S. phone back up to the equivalent of what she had on the German phone after our recent move. Fairly painless and free.
    I'm surprised Apple hasn't been able to successfully patent the letter "I" though

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