Thanks to Will.Spencer I was made aware of the fact that Car Race Games Arcade | Free Arcade Flash Games - Homepage was available for purchase. I dived on the opportunity, having run multiple (profitable) arcade sites in the past. I registered the domain with GoDaddy and then purchased a nice arcade site script.

Let's take a look at some statistics regarding car race games...

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool says:
Local Search Volume: 90,500
Global Search Volume:165,000

Google Insights for Search:
This graph, to me, is quite promising. Notice the steady increase in recent months, with August of 2009 being the highest point on the chart! This looks like the perfect time to get into this specific keyword.

This is yet another promising image.
Definitely looks like there's an opportunity for some profit in this specific niche.

Now, it's obvious that this niche isn't going to bring in any massive amounts of profit. However, I definitely expect it to turn a profit in the near future, assuming I can get the popularity up and rank highly for the target keyword of car race games.

Total Investment Thus Far: (All amounts are rounded up.)
$8.00 .com domain name
$10.00 Arcade Site Script
$5.00 Arcade Game Package Add-On
-- Total: $23.00

Monetization Methods:
AdBrite Network (Banner advertisements around the site.)
MochiMedia (Displays advertisements before games.)

I have done no promotion other than a few link exchanges with some other sites using this Arcade Script and putting the link in my NetBuilders signature. The advertisements were just put up today. Take a look at the AdBrite earnings so far: (Look at that CPM!)

Anyway! I am interested to see how this site turns out. I'm hoping it goes well.