Due to the great success of my last arcade site, I decided to branch off into this industry a bit deeper. I purchased Arcade Classic Games - Homepage. I registered this domain with GoDaddy and used a great arcade site script.

Let's take a look at some statistics regarding arcade classic games:

Google AdWords: Keyword Tool says:
Local Search Volume: 49,500
Global Search Volume: 135,000

Yet another profitable arcade niche.

This niche won't bring in millions, of course. (How many really do?) But based on the research I've done, combined with my past experience, it will be highly profitable and the profit will, in fact, begin pouring in quite quickly!

Total Investment Thus Far: (All amounts are rounded up.)
$8.00 .net domain name
$10.00 Arcade Site Script
-- Total: $18.00

Monetization Methods:
AdBrite Network (Banner advertisements around the site.)
MochiMedia (Displays advertisements before games.)

No promotion done so far - just started it. Going to do the standard promotion methods for this site, as always. I'll put it in my NB Signature and hopefully work on getting some nice link exchanges as well. Advertisements will go up shortly. Furthermore, I'll do another social networking campaign as they are always highly effective. I also have a few thousand more games to add.

Please post your thoughts or support. This site may also be for sale - make an offer. :P
(If you are interested, let me know. Fast turn arounds are great for me since I do a lot of projects.)