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Thread: The Art of Negotiation - While buying/selling things both online and offline.

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    The Art of Negotiation - While buying/selling things both online and offline.

    Just found this nice article on the web which is about how to negotiate whether you are a buyer or a seller. Useful for site flippers and domainers.

    Article: The Art of Negotiation | An Internet Entrepreneur’s Journey

    The majority of the great sales I get is because I’m stubborn and won’t move much on my price. This works even better when somebody has approached you with a price, as you know they are extremely interested in purchasing your site, and they don’t know that you actually want to sell it.
    so while you may get a better deal by saying you have other higher offers when in fact you don’t for example, it’s just something I don’t do for moral and ethical reasons.
    Choose a gameplan before the bartering and stick close to it, not ‘jumping’ around showing lack of confidence.

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    Selling a website or domain is a lot like selling real estate. The value depends on what someone is willing to pay for it.

    For inspiration reading you may want to take a look at the art of the deal donald trump

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