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Thread: Article Writing

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    Article Writing

    Does anyone here write articles to make money online? I don't at the moment though I have signed up to constant content and see if any articles from there interest me.

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    Re: Article Writing

    I read associated content, textbroker, and helium pay.

    check this source out

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    No, but a close internet friend reccommended it and I was quite interested although the money you can earn is unbelievable.

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    I have written several articles for my site, but not for money. I have an article section that serves as a writing forum.

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    Yeah, I actually just recently, a day ago, started my own blog to make money via ads.

    But here are a few good places to make money by just submitting articles:





    Sorry I don't have the URL's. But just google them and you should find them easily!

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    I was going to, but it's too much work.

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    Way to be lazy! haha Just joking. Yeah I thought it would be a lot more than it is, but using wordpress helps a lot!

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    Just write my own content....working on a couple of books....I am retired and try to keep my computer time down to 10 or 12 hours a day.....

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    I do. and I'm enjoying it, too. Seems a good source of knowledge when you do a lot searching and finally got those in your mind to give it a nice shape.

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    just assessments on here

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