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Thread: To avoid being scammed tips...

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    To avoid being scammed tips...

    Joining mmo program on internet is usually do by mostly internet businessman. That program can be affiliate marketing, get paid to program, or even joint venture offer.
    With the persuasive title and letter, we get interested to join it. But we're know that not all program is real. Sometime we ended up by wasting a time because that program is just scamming. For example is my experience in doing survey on AWsurvey or doing PTC which make me lost $80 (Vipbux).
    Actually, we should not ended like that if we're careful to choose MMO program. Here is some tips from me, which i do commonly when i want to make a sure about the bonafide of the program :

    1. Always asking to the expert
    Don't shy to asking to the expert in a forum or any MMO community. Ask about the bonafide of the program and other people opinion about that program. Usually, i do asking on my local forum.

    2. Payment proof
    Just to make more sure, beside asking, it's better to find the payment proof of that program. If it's avaialable, probably the program is real.

    3. Read properly the offer letter
    Just by reading the offer letter, we can know if the program is probably scam or no. Scamming program usually offering something too much. For example : get $0.1/click on this ptc site. Of course it's too much, since normally rate for PTC is $0.01/click.

    4. Googling it
    Search with this structure :
    [nameoftheprogram] [space] [scam]

    and compare it with the result of

    [nameoftheprogram] [space] [payment proof]

    Which keyword give more result? The more result mean, the program is like that. I mean, if using "scam" giving more result than using "payment proof" keyword, the program is probably scam.

    5. Don't join to the new program

    Just to advice and play safe. Don't join to the new program. We should wait for some time and then decide to join/no. Why? It's because we can't predict the bonafide of that program after run for some time. It's because there is some MMO program which pay in the first, but in the end become scammer.

    Do you have any tips to prevent scam also? Please help us to prevent scam by write it here. Hopefully this thread is usefull for you.

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    Cool post, Akira.

    I would add to try and find out who you're dealing with. Some people will run multiple programs and will scam people, then when they're found out they'll set up a new one and scam people there. Eventually, people will get found out, so you need to keep a track of who runs the site/program.

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    How to track it? It's because their are very smart to hiding their biography or even internet protocol data.

    Anyway i'm add more tips to prevent scammed :
    Find and read the list of scammer, it's avaialble so many on google.
    I ever find a list of scam PTC site. And it's so usefull....Too bad, it's happen after i'm scammed by vipbux

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