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  1. Bad Link Trading Partners

    i recently exchange links with someone whos got a blog related to mine. andso his links were in my homepage for about two months yet when i started checking backlinks, i discover i've seen nothing from him.

    i visit his site by clicking his link in my homepage and found none of my link were there.
    have you experience this?

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    After I bought or sold something, I'm always staying in touch with the buyer or seller. After the relationship that has been established in that time, I'm not sure if that guy/girl would still dare to not put a link back when we clearly talked about link exchanging.

    Have you contacted him already? What did he say? If he never added it, just remove the link again on your page. He's not worth getting it
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I would send an email and tell him that you can't find your link. If you get no response then just remove it.

    Link exchanges are troublesome. There's all kind of scams like removing your link, redirects and adding the no-follow tag.

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