I am about to give you the best marketing advice you will ever get, and I am staking my reputation on that claim being true.

The best method of marketing a product or a service, to either individuals or businesses, is to offer something worth buying.

Customers are intelligent and they are becoming more informed every year. They know what they want, even if we as business people are often amazed to discover what those things are.

Sell something that your customers want to buy and you will be successful. Sell something that your customers don't want to buy and you will fail.

Every dollar you spend improving your product is a dollar you save marketing your product. It is far less expensive to market a great product than it is to market a lousy product.

The Internet makes all of this more true than it ever was before. Why? Because customers have access to more information about your offering and your competitors offerings than ever before and because much of this information comes from other customers. In today's market, succeeding in business requires happy customers.

I see a lot of people chasing the quick buck. That means there is a lot of competition for that dollar. Don't be that guy. Chase the dollar that has to be earned, it's a great barrier to market entry which will keep future competitors at bay for years. Don't be in the niches where your competitors are, be where your customers are.

Give your customers what they want and they will give you what you want. That is the true meaning of the free market.