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Thread: Best payment systems for your site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desan View Post
    There must be someone in the world with enough money, time, skills, and resources.
    I was talking about people in this forum :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khan View Post
    I was talking about people in this forum :P
    Aww...That makes sense.

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    I prefer paypal too because i believe it.

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    i just read your comment and from that i can say paypal is really good n i also use that bcz its easy n userfreindly...

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    The best online payment is paypal only. If we are using it intelligently we can reduce the charges and can send money easily and effectlively. Online credit card payments are also a very good payment system. But due to the heavy charges I stick on paypal.
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  6. I use 2CheckOut for more than two years now and what I like about it is relative simplicity, weekly payments and getting paid via Payoneer. I don't really care for the time it takes to clear payments (and it doesn't really seem so much, usually a few hours) since you aren't getting paid immediately anyway (waiting for thursday which tends to be a payment date).

    As for fees, I don't pay much attention to them though I know they're fairly high. I don't mind the reserve too much cause I know I'll get that sooner or later. The important thing is that the money flows and I kinda got used to and got to trust 2CO too much to be comfortable switching away to anything else any time soon. I might at some point try something else, but only in parallel to 2CO.

    Oh and yeah I can't accept paypal payments any other way except 2CO.

  7. ...and I always thought PayPal has higher fee structure. 2CO has beaten it badly
    Some time back I was contemplating about using Google checkout but later found out it's only available for US/UK sellers so I have to do all my selling using PP

    Sometime back I wrote an article on tips with PayPal Check it out.
    In case your monthly revenue is more than $3000 do note the 10th money saving tip

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