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Thread: Blogola: The FTC Takes On Paid Posts

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    Blogola: The FTC Takes On Paid Posts

    Readers of Adventures in Babywearing, a blog for parents, got an up-close look at the Ergo, a $135 embroidered baby carrier in a shade called "organic blue" in a May 14 post on the site. Blog operator Stephanie Precourt was impressed. "The Ergo truly is now my first choice for long-term wear as well as nursing and doing chores around the house," she wrote.

    Money can't buy that kind of advertising for Maui (Hawaii)-based ERGObaby. Or can it? As Precourt wrote in her blog, the company sent the carrier free, along with a matching pouch and backpack. Precourt says it's legitimate to blog about a product she's been given by its manufacturer. "I try to keep my blog filled with personal stories and real-life content so that when I do happen to write about something that I've been given, it's credible," she says in an e-mail.

    Blogola: The FTC Takes On Paid Posts - BusinessWeek

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  2. The hubris of the American government is beyond comprehension. The "Federal" Trade Commission seeks to police an international network. The only effects will be to limit freedom of speech and put American business at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the world.

    This is big government attempting to coddle the stupid, at the expense of everyone else. Every FTC action is paid for by the American taxpayers -- the most ripped off people on Earth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    The only effects will be to limit freedom of speech and put American business at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the world.
    I agree. The rule would be ridiculous. People will always find smart ways to do their business some or another way.

    This summer, the government agency is expected to issue new advertising guidelines that will require bloggers to disclose when they're writing about a sponsor's product and voicing opinions that aren't their own.
    In this case, the manufacturer will simply pay a blogger in another jurisdiction. Just another example of how money flows out of one country to the other just because some people don't see the bigger picture.

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