Dear DigitalPoint/NetBuilders user,
I've now been working on a few niches and after using Bidvertiser, Google Adsense, AdBrite, BlackLabelAds and a few other thousand other PPC companies I'm trying something else. Google Adsense performs really good for me, but it could perform much better if I had more time to change all my websites and to further develop them. Instead of doing that, I'm going to try something totally different.

The Project: Summary
Like the title says, this project is called: "The Less-Advertisements Project". This is a strange title, I don't even know if it's correct English or not -- but normally you should understand what I mean. Yes, I'm going to create a website, build it up from the ground, get traffic and put a maximum of 1 or 2 advertisements on it. My goal is to earn at least 20$/day, since for most of you this is probably not a big thing, I'm going to try to earn it before Christmas. That's less than 2 months, if I can reach that goal, it would be awesome for me!

The Project: Niche
The niche is one very important step in this project. Although that this might interest you, I'm going to keep the niche one big secret. One promise though: As soon as I can reach 50$/days I'm going to tell what niche the website was in. I've been thinking 4 days and nights about 62 different types of websites. All had their Pros and Cons and this niche had the most Pros and had just a few Cons.

The Project: Monetizers
Since I'm only going to put 1 or 2 advertisements on the website it will take some time to search for the best monetizer. But while I'm creating the website, I'm going to think about the best one. One big player in this project will be PayPal though, my goal is to get 4/5 of the money via PayPal and 1/5 of the money through PPC companies.

Wish me luck, I'm going to keep you updated about this a few times a week. There won't be any secrets, I'm not the person that hides his earnings and traffic statistics, NO I'm an open person and I'm going to share all statistics and earnings.

Thanks for reading This website should become a giant success, I'm looking forward starting it