Do you sacrifice your personal interests and what you care about and love in order to make more money?

Do you sell things which you don't personally care about or write about things you aren't really passionate about?

It's always been difficult for me to do that, which may be partly why I make less money today than I otherwise would have. Or it may simply be that I haven't found or perfected my personal formula just yet. A popular marketeer Seth Godin says that all we really need is to follow the Three "U"s: Useful, Unique and Updated and that if we do that everything else will follow. Many marketeers seem to share a similar sentiment nowadays.

Their advice tends towards being who you are, doing what you truly care about, being natural and organic, building a personality, being a leader, networking etc. rather than just trying to sell everyone something and obsessing with mechanical SEO trickeries. The sentiment is: be great, remarkable and exceptional and the money will follow you. Don't follow the money.

On the other hand it sometimes seems to me like people who actually do not more than chase money while taking a more mechanical approach where they merely simulate leadership, networking etc. (using tricks that "work" to gain thousands of twitter followers instead of actually BEING someone whom thousands of twitterers want to follow, for example) are often successful and at least currently, make more than I do.

So what do you do?