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Thread: Crappy websites that make a lot of $$$

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    Crappy websites that make a lot of $$$

    Its interesting how some sites that are not necessarily crap, but do nothing extraordinary, and end up ranking high in google and making a lot of money.

    For example, wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions has pretty poor content (article are short and could be more in-depth) and the design looks as if it's 1997, not to mention there is more adsense than text. However, it received 62,000,000 visits last year.

    There is something to be learned from every website. With wisegeek, the sheer volume or articles (seriously, look at one of the categories) is the backbone to their success. Content is definately king in this case.

    That site is definately an inspiration for me to keep producing content, however I am focusing on not only quantity but quality too.

  2. WiseGeek is a SEO spam, they will go down the hill sooner or later (sooner).

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    That seems pretty good, I've seen some other website before doing the same with a better design.. I guess it's called 'questions and answers'

    Well it's too hard to compete with those at the moment, but if you keep improving your website you should get better one day
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  4. WiseGeek has some awesome inbound links.

    They are also an AdSense Premium Publisher -- so they are making more revenue per page view than you or I. This lets them re-invest more money into content development.
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    they are making money coz they have promoted that site nicely...

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    It is kind of old. 6 years. Thats a long time in the internet world. Most things dissipate within 2 or so. Also, I think its ugly. Other than that, well...what works works.

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