Do Honest People Usually Come Out Ahead In Business?
Is honesty always the best policy?
Buzzmarketing expert Mark Hughes says Secrets are one of the 6 main keys to creating a great Buzz. Also, many companies big and small have well-guarded secrets, NDAs, Etc. so...,

How do you have secrets in your heart and mind and also remain totally honest?

  • What about being overly honest?

You have a product or idea which really could be the Next Big Thing.
If you explain to people in an honest, calm, detailed manner the benefits of your ideas, then they might not pay attention for more than 5 seconds;

If you explain to people in an honestly excited, enthusiastic tone that you plan on making millions of dollars, many people will think you are crazy

  • What about being honest about "the system?"

People who are "born-rich" have many obvious advantages over the rest of us.

If someone was going to offer you $150,000 loan to start your business(es), and they made a comment about "trailer-trash" (for example), would you feel 100% free and open to question their bias against poor people, or would you keep quiet?

Please, don't feel a need to answer all the questions, any part is honestly fine.