I was complaining about the Google SERPS for the keyword "proxy" the other day, and IProx asked me a question that really made me stop and think. He asked me "Do you deserve to be #1?"

In this particular instance, I am hoping just to get the #3 spot. This will require getting above the Wikipedia pages in the #3 and #4 positions which are non-relevant to most searchers.

But in a larger sense, his question really helped focus me away from Google and back to where I should be focused -- building web sites for people.

The short term actions I took were to work with Nathan to add a stack of new features to The Tech FAQ Proxy List:

All of these features will increase costs, and the top four will decrease AdSense revenue.

In the long term, my hope is that these features will round out The Tech-FAQ Proxy List and make it more authoritative -- which hopefully will lead to more inbound links and higher SERPS.

What about your sites?

Do you deserve to be #1 for you target SERPs?