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Thread: Do You Operate (Mainly) as a Company or a Person?

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    I am based in a small rural Indian village.
    I operate as an individual rather than a company here.

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    people are bewildered, bemused and scared at the same time
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    Similar to the small place in Costa Rica where I have lived. People will ask you " You know how to use a computer? Awesome! "
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    I operate as a person. I find it easier that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    You are a victim of age discrimination perpetrated by the government of New Zealand.

    I have three companies currently, I have to in order to keep the accounting straight.
    cool, which three companies do you own? is it an offline or online business? in which industry?

  5. I prefer to operate as multiple persons, or a "team" it just sounds more professional

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    I'm defiantly looking at this from a company point of view. I work within the family business so I'm lucky in having family members who understand, to some degree anyway!

    Once you get into the right mindset, its almost impossible to fail. The old man has always been a fan of this, he'll jabber on at me how he started off with £30's worth of machinery to eventually buying machines worth £10000+ (mainly ride-on gang mowers, as we operate a Industrial Grounds Management company).

    If you come at your online endeavours from a personal point of view, I don't think that ultimately you would be able to make certain decisions, as you may become to emotionally attached?

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    Websites - As a person
    Hosting and servers - As a company
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles View Post
    I'm 13 -- and know no-one that I can trust... That is able to be a director of a company, and therefore have to operate as a person.

    My mother is on the benefit, and cannot afford to pay the consequences if anything were to go wrong.

    My father went bankrupt last year, as his two companies tore themselves apart. He was a member of the photocopier industry -- he's partially left... Now he is working with much larger printers on behalf of Aarque Graphics
    Why are you even planning to start a company if you're 13? Don't you think if customer find out, they would just go away?
    I started one when I was 13 and believe me it ended up being everything but a good thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose View Post
    Don't you think if customer find out, they would just go away?
    LOL! "if customer find out" -- that's funny... Seriously, if you want customers and want to be an honest retailer, do not hide anything from your customers.

    Will seems to have stuck, 'asn't he?

    But honestly, I'm trying to get out of the services business! I'm doing my best to earn a passive income, through content Web sites.

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    I operate as an individual (freelance). But, that's because I'm in web design business.

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