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Thread: Does google adwords help to increase Pr..?

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    Does google adwords help to increase Pr..?

    Previously my site has Pr 0 .I have started my adwords campaign and choose to display my ads in Google add networks means display on other sites.and after one month I got Pr 3 and I hjave not build even single link for my site .So is that possible sue to adwords or due to no. of visitors.i have 600 unique visitors daily.

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    I do not think it was because of Adwords but not for sure. Might be because of your good content. Lots of site got good PR jumps in the last update. If all you need to do was buy Adwords for PR Everyone would be doing it by now. Then PR would be nothing but who spends the most with google.

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    I don't believe that you receive any pagerank for adsense ads as the ads use javascript. Otherwise Google would be in volation of their own policy of selling dofollow links.

    Check your backlinks. Perhaps someone linked your site and you've gotten some natural links.

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    Adwords help you get visibility and thereby direct traffic. It does not in anyway help you get a PR juice.

    I guess... a couple of backlinks build by you from some sites earlier would have seen a steep rise in their rankings... passing the juice in the process!



  5. No it's definitely has nothing to do with your adwords advertising. Most probably those who have visited your site has found the article/content interesting and voluntarily link to you. Have you check on your backlink profile?

  6. Check your backlinks. It's definitely not AdWords.

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