Is anyone more experienced with this. Why is dollar falling? Will it raise again?

Month ago I owed a friend 3800 swedish kronas.

On first july it was enough to give him 510$ and now I must give him 540$.

My country currency also is getting closer to the value of dollar.

For example 1000$ at first month was around 1450 bosnian marks,
but today 1000$ was less then 1350 bosnian marks.

If it will go further down I will basicly lose more money for nothing,
if it will raise I will get more money.

I am thinking to convert all to my local currencies or euros while dollar did not dropped more.

Probably this drop cause nothing in USA. But imagine how money you losing if you have 10k $ and you live in foreign country.

For example I remember when I started receivng Google check dollar was double stronger then bosnian marks. Now its only 1.3 time stronger and I can buy less for 100$ then year ago.

Any suggestions?