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Thread: E-Mail List Marketing

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    E-Mail List Marketing

    If you follow any internet marketing guru, then it's very apparent that they regard e-mail list marketing as crucial to success. And they use services such as Aweber, Get Response etc. The cost of these services is often more than shared hosting at $20 or so a month.

    The idea is that you build a list of subscribers, and e-mail them details about offers on a regular basis.

    To ensure e-mail deliverability, these services aim to white-list their e-mails with the various ISPs so that the spam filters let the e-mails through.

    If you send emails from your web-hosting server, then you risk getting your site shut down after just one spam complaint, (and you get severely limited on sending frequency) so it seems like you may have to use the specialist e-mail marketing services to avoid this problem.

    If you send via BCC on say Gmail, then it's kind of like firing a machine gun.

    Then, we can use computer software to send e-mail at a steady pace, but how do we handle the opt-in?

    Please discuss:

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    If you go through your cpanel and set up your email, you can make it so it is double opt-in.

    That is a good option if you have say, 500 subscribers or less.

    Get more, yes, do move on over to aweber.

    But the big but is getting subscribers!
    Got to be careful on how you advertise to get subscribers.
    So many will join only if there are freebies, or they will join just to see what you put out.

    The successful marketers use niche lists, each one geared to one item or niche.

    Then you have to set up a schedule of when you will email your list.
    Too often and you risk losing all.
    Too far apart and people will forget they are on the list and will opt out.

    To anyone starting out, I would say research and check out current lists in your niche, etc.

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    If you go through your cpanel and set up your email, you can make it so it is double opt-in.
    Would you mind expanding on how to do this. I don't see it in my cpanel. I have the usual cpanel email stuff such as Mailing Lists, forwarders etc.

    Edit: I see that Hostgator recommend using PhpList and throttling the delivery to 8 seconds between emails.This limits the outgoing emails to 450 per hour which is under the 500 per hour limit for shared hosting, and the list can be up to 5000 subscribers. It seems like there is no limit on VPS or dedicated servers.
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    In cpanel, go to fanastico.
    There you then go to PHPLIST.
    When you set it up, there will be a page created that you send people to so that they can confirm their email address.

    I am trying this out now for

    Used it years back.

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    I am trying this out now for
    How did you get on with PHPLIST?

    I decided to cancel my Aweber account to save $19 a month and start using SendBlaster Pro which I purchased a few years ago. This is PC software that works with POP3 email boxes on your web host. You can set up multiple lists, scheduled emails, handle bounces, subscribe, and unsubscribe etc.

    To handle double opt-in as required by EU law, it's a bit tricky (with my older version of the software) using PHP scripts, but doable, and I can modify the confirm script to add the subscriber to a membership database.

    Now to build the lists will require unlocking access to something of value that the subscriber wants to get their grubby paws on.

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    I have it all set up.
    Just got to get the urge to use it!

    Trying to decide if I really want to mess with an email list.
    And what kind, blah blah blah.

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    Most email lists are pretty dire, just pushing product launches. But one I actually look forward to receiving is from they recommend interesting blog posts, and forum discussions to read that are really interesting to a techie person like myself.

    Others that do a better job than most to retain me as a subscriber are: Robert Plank, and Andy Williams (ezSEO).

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    Very true.

    I am on a few that actually give me information and lots of links.
    But still, there are ads on the emails.
    They gotta pay the bill.

    I try not to get on marketing lists.

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