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    understand alot of IMer commenced
    with ebay auction bidding and slowly setup a e-store at ebay... but with digital products, seem like alot of IMer had move toward clickbank product

    Let learn from oneself to improve our internet marketing stragetic and maybe joint-venture and parntership with one another

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    imo ebay shops are not worth it, the costs involved are too much.

    tbh, unless you have a lot of items/product to sell your not going to get anywhere...

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    And since eBay has effectively ended the sale of digital products, including on ebay stores, no since trying.

    Digital products may now be sold on ebay only via their classified ad system.

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    To Be honest ebay now sucks

    expensive, too much Rules,, steal people cash
    through paypal

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    Indeed, eBay does suck for most businesses now. I wonder why someone hasn't commenced
    up a true competitor yet. Without competition, eBay can do anything they want basically, and get away with it.

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    I haven't had much time or patience for eBay. I have tried some drop shippers, but they usually don't work the way you want them to. eBay definitely needs some type of competitior, as betteb said.
    comming soon

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