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Thread: ebay stores

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    ebay stores

    I don't know anything at all about ebay stores but a friend who knows about ebay (but not websites) asked me if I had any advice for them

    Their store is
    eBay UK Shop - the-racq-ladies-clothing: Monsoon, River Island, Per Una

    Other threads make me think it's perhaps hard to make a decent profit from ebay stores - is that right? is there a better alternative?

    (I think they have sources for cheap stuff that they buy and physically send to people)

    Any help or pointers where I could send them to learn more very welcome


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    My wife does 6 figures with Ebay.
    Get your friend here instead.

    It remind me:

    I know nothing about that but I have a friend who has a cousin who know a girl. Her second ex-boyfriend's brother met a guy who has a out of state uncle doing a bit of web design. One of his client's friend just divorced and is trying to get a girlfriend in bars. One of those bar's owner was once talking with a guy who has several porn sites. He said he's making a killing.
    I don't do porn and not interested but how can you make a killing with porn sites?
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