I am a new member here at NetBuilders you may have read some of my posts.
I have been interested in eCommerece for quite some time,but as i i dont have the start capital or the knowledge to start a business just yet I try learn as much as possible.
One interesting question that i cant seem to find a answer to is a basic one:
Where do you find the goods to sell ?
I hear all these people talking about shipping,market research,payment gateways etc.
Those are all important,but i think most people dont pay attention to the maybe most important one,when starting a eCommerce business,where am i suppose to get the goods that i am suppose to sell ?
For me i think the only option would be drop shipping and I heavent been able to find many companies that offer this service and sell the goods i would be interested in.
I want to excuse myself in advance for my bad English and hope that you will understand the question behind this thread and are willing to answer it,as i am sure that there are a lot of people who are wondering about this

Kind Regards