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    EFactor is a relatively new social network for entrepreneurs. It looks similar to LinkedIn but EFactor offers other features like offline services, meetings and facilitates actual business amongst network members. It also claims to connect entrepreneurs in common areas.

    Apparently, the network is growing rapidly with currently over 850.000 entrepreneurs and 28.000 investors registered. A profile includes a custom URL and since the site is new, chances are that you can still register your own name (i secured my first name) or keyword

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    I like it, looks promising. I have signed up!

    connect with me: Aziznatour :: EFactor :: Tools for Entrepreneurs

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    A network of netbuilders... Iwill have to hurry up and complete my profile

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    yea, you should! I'm waiting

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Thanks Loko... hope to learn and share a lot at efactor.. and I got my name in my url..

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