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Thread: Electronic Payments Earn NYC Taxis $144 million extra per year

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    Electronic Payments Earn NYC Taxis $144 million extra per year

    Wow. It turns out that NYC taxi drivers are earning an extra $144 million a year or a 22% increase in tips to due electronic payments. In the past people generally tipped 10% or a few bucks. Now they are using a touchpad system for payment with a 30% tip button, a 25% tip button, a 20% tip button, and a keypad for entering in your own tip. Most people use the tip buttons and this has greatly increased the revenue as people don't want to be bothered entering their own tip amount.

    I'm sure that this is something that could be incorporated into other forms of online business aside from tips.

    Read more: How electronic payment services are earning cabbies an extra $144 million in tips every year | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News

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    Also doesnt deplete the cash on hand... ie: "it's only plastic". Great move by the NYC taxi guys, and yeah, definitely could be implemented in other places. The set percentage buttons were a smart stroke.
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    You don't see this as much anymore on blogs and sites.
    Not like it was several years ago.
    Donate buttons.....

    Back when, lots of donate buttons were set at certain levels.
    EG: $1 , $5, $10

    I know they never worked for me!

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    Wow that is pretty incredible. I recently have seen some apps popping up where you can order drinks from the bar at the touch of a button. If you added the pre-set tipping buttons I wonder if the cocktails waitresses and bartenders would see an increase in tips. This could make for some pretty interesting studies in the service industry if you ask me. Its also a great look into the human psyche. Business is so interesting sometimes and this is a perfect example.

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    Its means a little drops of water makes a big ocean and electronic payment is the best example of this.

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