FairSearch could be interesting.
FairSearch.org is a group of businesses united in support of a healthy Internet future, where greater consumer choice and economic growth are driven by competition, transparency and innovation in online search. We stand for two vital principles in online search:

  • TRANSPARENCY: Consumers – not search engines – should choose winners in the marketplace. Consumers benefit from more choices in the search marketplace competing to win users, innovating to improve products and displaying results transparently. When search providers engage in search discrimination – manipulating search results to promote a favored product and punish competitors – consumers pay the price.
  • INNOVATION: Consumers benefit when competition in the marketplace forces companies to continue to innovate and develop the best solutions for online search. No one company should be allowed to use its dominance to foreclose competitors from the search marketplace – particularly in high-traffic specialty segments, like travel, jobs and real estate.

I'm skeptical, because "fair" to most people means "not giving anyone else an advantage." Google has certain moral rights over it's own property and it is certainly not "fair" for the government to limit Google's rights in order to benefit these guys.

Google isn't innocent, of course. Google is using the "net neutrality" scam to try to con the government into giving it an unfair advantage over the network providers. With government having grown so powerful, almost everyone is motivated to use it as a tool to steal from someone else.