The F.B.I. seized an entire rack Web servers in a raid on a data center. Several Web sites, including those run by the New York publisher Curbed Network, went offline.

"DigitalOne provided all necessary information to pinpoint the servers for a specific I.P. address, Mr. Ostroumow said. However, the agents took entire server racks, perhaps because they mistakenly thought that “one enclosure is = to one server,” he said in an e-mail."

The raid also affected a server used by Instapaper, a popular service that saves articles for later reading.

Pinboard, a bookmarking site reports "We have three big servers with one hosting company (DigitalOne). Two of them are online, but our main database server is unreachable. Basically it is cut off from the world because of network problems at our provider."

Pinboard Status

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