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Thread: Fear of Risk

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    Fear of Risk

    Most people fear starting a business because they feel that there is too much risk involved in starting and having your own business. I ask them why they feel having a business is risky and why they feel having a job is not risky? I have been through 6 downsizings. Jobs are not reliable anymore and especially during these times. It is speculated that many companies will be downsizing again. Has anyone heard about Starbucks' financial woes?

    If you are interested in starting your own business, I suggest you get commenced
    . Do not let you fear paralyze you from moving forward on this decision. There is always risk in anything you do and yes you will encounter ups and downs while having your own business. But, I have always believed that there is no issue that can't be solved in business.

    There is no way to go through life risk free, but there are ways to reduce risk:
    1. Start by creating a business plan; one that includes marketing stategies.
    2. Hire an attorney and an accountant. These should be people who have good reputations as good busienss people.
    3. Never stop studying your craft. Read and learn as much as you can about having your own business. This is an area that most entrepreneurs should be doing for the rest of their life.
    4. Get more involved in personal development. Focus on things that motivate and inspire you.

    There are very few issues that can't be solved. Often it is the we veiw and handle issues that determines our success and failures in life. Keep moving forward.

    Those who Risk, Win!

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    The only thing to add would be:
    Stay away from sites which highlight 50% of their text yellow and claim how great their work from home program works and offer you the greatest ebook for only 79 instead of 499 (only today!)

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    Haha, that is very true. Too many work-at-home "get rich quick" schemes out there that don't even work.

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    I wonder if they can really make cash
    from that..
    will anyone buy from them?
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    My beleif, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I don't believe that there are people making that cash
    that quickly; especially if the individual is new to owning their own business.

    I did recently hear of some who commenced
    making cash
    say after 3 or even 6 months, but in both instances, these individuals had some experience in talking to people and selling. This is pretty much what they did when they got commenced
    . They went out and talked to massive amounts of people. Their skills in communication and sells got them their fast results.

    Someone like nerd me couldn't readily do something like this. I admire people who can. I am working on getting there.

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    I found a get rich scheme this winter. I was worried about the risk but I decided to go with it anyways. The day after I commenced
    I made 70 dollars and 2 days later I made 300 more. From there I have made several thousand.

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