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Thread: Fiverr -- What will you do for $5?

  1. Fiverr -- What will you do for $5?

    Aside from being nearly definitely proof that no good .com domain names are available at reasonable prices, Fiverr, is a very interesting and possibly addictive web site which enables people to buy and sell services -- as long as they cost $5.

    Fiverr is the brainchild of Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. They seem to have hit on one of the really annoying things about buying and selling services online, the enormous time and effort it can take to make a simple transaction. With fixed-fee predefined transactions, the process could be a lot more efficient.

    I signed up today and bought six services, for a grand total of $30. None of the vendors have yet replied, but I'll post back about how they do next week.

    Check it out, it's an interesting system.
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    That's interesting, but I doubt whether you can get good traffic for your listing since there are so many of them.


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    Awesome, amazing idea from these people Some things are really strange though, but this might be an awesome website to buy some great stuff for cheap prices

    Thanks for sharing
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Will, pls update us with the services that you have purchased he he he


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    I'm gonna have a field day with this place

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  7. Nice concept

    Pretty cool stuff there. I hope they don't have a huge registration process to give it a try quickly.

    Will, let us know how it went, did you get your services completed as expected?

    btw, I realize all good domains are gone, but double rr at the end is kinda lame ..

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    Anyone know what that site is running on, as it gives me an an idea for a UK site based on similar concept?

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    I had two sales... then left the site. Why? Because I realized there is a minimum payout! I'm certainly not going to be doing enough business there to reach the payout, and figured I'd quit wasting my time there, in that case.

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    Pretty cool looking site. I agree the double r is dumb, but the layout is pretty snazzy.

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