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Thread: Is a Flippa Clone Site worth it?

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    Is a Flippa Clone Site worth it?

    For the past several weeks, been looking at a great flippa clone.

    Not bad and has all the features, etc.

    And the price is right.

    My question to you all is this:
    Is it worth it to have a flippa clone site?

    I was looking at one just for domains.
    Or possibly adding websites.

    What do you think of this?

    Here is the flippa clone I am looking at:

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    What would be your unique selling point? What would make your site better than flippa?

    If you have a positive answer to these questions, it might be worth it.

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    THe script looks like the price is nice and is open source based. Getting business (sellers and buyers) would seem to be the hurdle, but a nice income source if you could get it to work. I just wonder how many junk sites you would attrack by undercutting the current Flippa rates though...
    Let us know if you end up starting up a site using it!

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    As Loko said, I don't think you're problem is going to be the application, but more the business behind it.

    I'm eternally optimistic, but the chances of making are grim unless you've got a solid plan. We get contacted by two - three new marketplaces each month but so far none have made it past half a year and most fail to even take off at all.

    If it helps, I have a series of essays on building a marketplace on the blog; the first two are

    Building a new Marketplace to showcase Websites for Sale | Find Websites for Sale with FlipFilter
    Marketing and Critical Mass – Part 2 of Building a new Marketplace | Find Websites for Sale with FlipFilter

    All the same, best of luck

    Latest Blog Post "Anatomy of a $20K per month website seller"

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    Maybe the USP could be "FlipYaDomain" and vendors could provide example business plans maybe?

    It could be a match-making site between domainers and people wanting to start an online business. So in that respect, the name of the site would need fine-tuning to appeal to both parties.

    But, if I was doing this I may create a blog and post my ideas for what to do with the latest domain that I have on offer and invite suggestions in the comments. And also work on building a subscriber list for alerts etc.
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    I agree with what as been said the app is the last thing,
    Promotion and getting regular flow of people interested in that niche (also consider the amount of users, frouds, fake PR, backlinks, incomes,etch..)
    Mate there less are stresfull way to earn your money through a website anyway why do you wanna do that?

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