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    Forecasting Help

    Hello. I'm looking for a decent forecasting software, or at the very least some direction in say Excel? Maybe a template that is better than the stock charting and graphing stuff?

    Basically what I need to do is take about 18 months of data and plot booked orders vs. forecast ones over each of those 18 months. Ideally I would like to see the raw numbers listed in the graphs, and other data like, average monthly bookings, etc. I've collected a lot of data about our sales over the last 18 months and would like to use that information to determine some metric or trends for future forecasting.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.
    Jer - OWNER HostDrive.Com and

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    This one is GREAT, probably not cheap:

    APERIA - Software solutions for demand forecasting

    I use it at a client and the results are great.

    You can also use:

    but you'll have to spend at least 100 hours learning how to work with it.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Cost is not at issue. Learning curve however is. I'll take a look.
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    100 hours == 10 days of hard work, still I think it's worth it as SPSS is the best imho.

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    Understood. I just would rather spend 10 days analyzing that data, rather than learning how to analyze it.
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