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Thread: FTC to Regulate Blogging

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    Also, what about US customers who have only worthless dollars? Suddenly my prices become too high for them..
    I think that the government is going to use devaluing the dollar as a "fix" for runaway unemployment.
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    Why do you think Thomas Jefferson said thinks like "I'll route you out! [the bankers]"? Because he know if these bankers from England came they would corner the money system and create a monopoly out of it, by setting up a counterfeit money factory that's listed in the business section the phone book, and claiming the notes are federal, implicitly saying to the ignorant that its actually made by the government! wow. , then loan it to everybody at interest including the Government. Siphon all the silver and gold out of circulation and then bankrupt the nation of United States. After almost 100 years since the 1914 (the creation of the "Federal reserve") look at the state of affairs. Quittance or conspiracy? Pick your side of the fence.

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