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The bottom line:
  • Startup overload. Have a good idea? Chances are someone else does too and is already working on it. We're living in "exponential times" so speed to market is of great importance, for better or worse.
  • Thinking ahead. Precisely because of the above exponential change and startup overload, thinking ahead becomes even more important. If you're a few steps ahead of everyone else this gives you some time to flesh it out, as well as the opportunity to be the first in a market that has barely started yet. This may require having a vision, thinking outside of the box, and being a little crazy.
I started thinking a little about this last night after reading more stuff about the now ex-CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, whom I find inspiring. I admire Apple for a variety of reasons. If I tried to summarize them it would probably come down to the cohesive vision, its uniqueness, and the brutal ability to stick with it and stay focused. I was reading Steve Jobs old Playboy interview and realized just how new computers were back then, and how strange might Steve's "far out" pronouncements about their future have sounded when he said things like "computers will be as common as kitchen appliances". It was probably close to as crazy as what transhumanists commonly pronounce today about tech like bio-engineering, advanced nanotechnology, brain computer interfaces, human augmentation and intelligent machines.

I think we need to get really really crazy, and find a way to be both crazy and right, and then figure out a way to make a business out of it. Now, how does that apply to web developers, web designers, internet marketeers etc.? Where are the crazy ones with the ruthless vision?