Hello builders,

Wow, it been so long since i logged into Netbuilders (surfing anonymously) and yes, i can see that things are going pretty good here. Will is doing a pretty good job growing the community. More activities...

Some of you may know me here, did a few transactions in the marketplace. Well, recently i am getting myself involved in a startup. As most netbuilders are business owners, i thought it will be a great opportunity if i can get valuable feedback from you peeps here.

Well, we are a small team located in Sunny Singapore and we are on this remarkable journey to put businesses on mobile. Till now, We have talked to hundred of companies and organizations about going mobile. So, here's some questions that we would like to raise to businesses owner and hopefully this can arose some discussion topics in this thread.

- Do you think businesses should be going mobile?
- Are your businesses on mobile? If NOT, why?