Hello Folks,

You guys probably already know that I run a services based businesss - if you don't - yeah, i'm probably one of the very few people in this forum who runs a successful services based business.

My business has been experiencing some "good" business problems recently.

The problems being mostly in the form of excessive growth in revenues and profits.

I know! Most of you are probably glaring at me and asking me why i'm ranting about this.

I've not yet come to the problem bit of it YET.

In Dec/Jan - business grew by 1000% - so much work, but the major problem was that there were too few hands to work on it.

The problem seemed that, the part of the world i'm from, people think its our of fashion to work for a smaller company which is growing at an exponential rate, and think that anything other than a job at a "software company" is not good.

They have this stereo-type where a digital marketing firm comes at the bottom of the pyramid when it comes to seeking employment opportunities.

I've been trying to seek remedial steps for the labor crunch, but just can't find any.

I need to hire 30 new people by the end of february, and i'm totally stuck for options.

Give me a few ideas here NB geniuses