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Thread: good news for indian Paypal users, now they can verify there accounts with bank accts

  1. Quote Originally Posted by WebTrap View Post
    I didn't know that wasn't possible in India..
    It was possible as I told in my last post, it was possible a few years ago and then again they closed the system and now again it is back

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    good news
    but can you tell me that when er receive money we have to conform manually or can we use auto for it if auto then tell me where is the area for this setting.
    and second is that auto mail generates that plz accept the money either it go back after 30 days this is done in inside receiving (payment status ) we have to do manually
    and if we conform payment then it mentions the word completed.
    is that ok....
    tell me guys.....
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    Does in india there is any prepaid credit card facility so people who can't open bank account to add in paypal they can still continue with paypal. I hope you understand what I have trying to say.

    Waiting for your reply.


  4. Damn, now paypal has stopped the personal payment function and I am getting many of my payments reversed, anybody having the same problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tvkchaitanya View Post
    i think this is good news for indian ,till now this process of verification is available for usa persons only now it is available for indians too
    Thanks, tvk. This is a very useful update for Indians without CCs or US bank accounts.

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    I see, Paypal verified with Account Bank can't be used for buy domain in Godaddy. or maybe other shopping sites ??
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    Lucky you. In Russian there is no paypal

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