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Thread: Google Just Killed Your Online Business

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mafiamaster View Post
    First...You have that site wide navigation thing on the left sidebar. Basically, you link to every category and there is no grouping. But, I see that there are some colors being used to differentiate categories. That doesn't make it easier for the consumer. Group the categories. Google likes to see you get to the product page in 2-3 clicks. So, if you group the categories into a few, smaller master categories and then utilize silos (basically, deep linking within one category), you'll decrease the number of links to choose from and increase the amount of flowing link juice.
    We had setup in the past the products by category, and people did not go that far because it was 4 clicks from the main menu. Basically 3 clicks from the menu is the maximun you can have.

    Site wide navigation isn't all that great anymore and I've been seeing a lot of reports of people saying that Google isn't really for that. They want to see easier navigation and drop downs seem to be an alternative to that.
    Our system cart is made like that, no much we can do besides changing it, or create another site.

    The next thing that I noticed is your site is very limited in content. We've talked about this before and we'll talk about it again, I am sure. But, your site is very limited in content. On your Plumeria Hawaiian Bath Salt (like the anchor text link?), you've got 41 words of unique content. That's it? That should be tripled if not quadrupled (if not 5X or 6X) the amount. Know why Amazon does so well other than the fact it is Amazon? They've got a bunch of content. They have the product description, editor reviews, other reviews, other information and other information. They have a ton of information. You've got 41 words and some ingredients.
    That's correct there is not a lot of content on each page product, all our contents are located on the menu upper left corner "Hawaiian Natural Skin Care", "Hawaiian Natural Bath and Body", and "Natural Bath and Body Product Guide" where all the products are reviewed with more details.

    But, that wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that you were linking to every single page on your site PLUS, in the actual content section, linking to 14 other products that people might be interested in. Your content to code ratio is awful, so Google is likely to come to your site and go, "Yup...Another one of the thousands of e-commerce sites out there that doesn't provide any real value to our visitors." Remember, Google is in it for themselves, so if your site is just looking to make money off the free traffic from Google, they'll find someone who at least provides better value.
    I could be wrong, regarding the customer statistic paths, they love to know what other products are made in the same scent, that's the reason we did that. In SEO and SERPS it doesn't bring anything,


    There is hope...
    There is always hope

    Since you say that your wife does every product and you don't sell thousands and thousands of products, why not write an actual review of each product? Write a 250 or 300 word review and throw it up on the site? That would suddenly make the content to code ratio look different and would make Google happy. But, more than just making Google happy, it'll help you naturally rank for other long-tail keywords that you might never have thought of. Those one or two click a day searches really do add up.
    Thanks I will try to do something about that.

    Finally, since we're talking about content, have you ever thought about allowing people to review the stuff you sell? If you opened up comments, suddenly, you've got user generated content (UGC). This UGC is something Google loves. They have quite a love affair...It gets very passionate in Paris. Basically, you have people who love the product say that they love the product and suddenly, there's more unique content on the page. AND! You didn't have to write it.
    We tested that and all we have are a bunch of spammers and SQL code injections, so we disallowed this function.

    What I am basically trying to say, mate, is that there are problems with your site. And, instead of pointing the finger at Google saying how evil they are, look to yourself. Make your site more accessible to users. Make it so that there is more unique content on the pages. Google evolves and you have to follow. It's not just about throwing up a sitemap or getting anchor text backlinks. It's not just about title tags or any of that. You have to make the experience worthwhile to the visitor. And the experience is more than just making the sale.

    I hope I have not offended...
    I don't think there are problems on my sites, sure there always thing we can make it better, when I check my colleagues sites we are more or less in the same path, perhaps we are the only site where we distinguish ourself is providing a lot of articles so people can learn more about Hawaiian skin care, ingredients and bath and body products, plus our product guide. We are in process to talk about Hawaii and add more products.

    We are not perfect or the best and I never said we were. All I said is we don't offer junk products and we are specialized in natural products made in Hawaii.

    I hope I have not offended...
    Not at all, I prefer frank talk and constructive criticism
    Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


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    I see where everyone is coming from. In my opinion, the issue of what "Google does with the SERPS" is a red herring.

    The real issue is that "search" is an oligarchy of a few big players that control 95%+ market share. The lack of competition is the problem. Lets say you do everything right. But, there's a bug in the algorithm. You are out of business. There really isn't any place to go as there isn't enough competition.

    Antitrust laws need to encourage more market competition, but not regulate organic search listings. Rather, what I believe is causing the 'lack of competition' is the mergers/acquisitions in the online ad industry. Basically, without the ad revenue new search companies like wither on the vine.

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    Just read the articles. Basically all those sites can choose to exclude themselves from Google's database. But nobody is ever going to really do that right?

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    Google would never do such a thing but there is chance when people said that Facebook sold our personal info to different companies.

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    Google Panda 2.2 has ruined many online businesses in the name of clean content.
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    eCommerce SEO? Google AdWords or No Soup for You | SEO

    I have nothing to add but it makes me decide to go (much) further beyond page 1 for results. Perhaps this is what google wants its user to do?
    One thing that keeps 'bothering' me is that #1 results get the most clicks because it is position to # 1, not necessarily because its the best link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    eCommerce SEO? Google AdWords or No Soup for You | SEO

    I have nothing to add but it makes me decide to go (much) further beyond page 1 for results. Perhaps this is what google wants its user to do?
    One thing that keeps 'bothering' me is that #1 results get the most clicks because it is position to # 1, not necessarily because its the best link.
    I just ran across this form your link:

    nteresting that mobile is now 12% of paid search. It's hard to scroll through the results on a smartphone.

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    I don't believe on this topic and it may be you read a fack articles and because Google by-self offers a lot of freelance companies.

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    I think for me Google only doing their job for the sake of some online business doing a fare optimization rather than other.

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    Is kinda sad to know this but what can we do? They are Google, the no. 1 search engine and the only thing you can do is to go with the flow and follow them.
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