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Thread: Got the capital... need the idea!

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    Got the capital... need the idea!

    Hey there everyone.

    I recently introduced a friend of mine to some of my online business endeavors and he was surprised to see that people could actually make a successful business over the internet! So, he was definitely inspired by my efforts, but doesn't have the time to really do anything himself - so he offered to invest $300.00 into a project of my choosing. This isn't a lot of money, but it's definitely enough to get something profitable going... the problem is that I'm not really full of ideas at the moment.

    So, if you were in my shoes, what would you do to turn $300 into something more?

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    Set up a WordPress blog on your favorite subject then monetize it using Adsense, or build a forum.

  3. I'd do some heavy research and select between one and three high-volume low-competition exact match domains.

    I would install Wordpress, a simple theme, and one very high quality page one each. Then I would build links until they started ranking well.
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    Most people would be the other way round. I would think about what you know and what you are interested in - not what other people are doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
    Most people would be the other way round. I would think about what you know and what you are interested in - not what other people are doing.
    Of course. But what's wrong with getting some ideas?

  6. i'd probably start a wp blog like anyone else suggested
    or start buy and sell in ebay.

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    Put it on the bank and wait a year No, I would build a website (ofcourse) about one cool service that many people might find usefull. Or maybe spend 50$ on insurance articles and 100$ on promotion of that site. Then build the backlinks yourself etc.. it's a sucky niche, but with 300$ you might get a faster RoI
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    I'm a dummy but before you invest in something new. I am speaking from personal experience. Invest in what you already know and have a passion for. I have bought and started sites on things that I have little or no interest in just hoping to make money.

    Some said if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

    For me it turned into a job. So now I do just the sites I really enjoy and hope other will also.

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    Adsense or similar is demanding. So.. it puts me off.

    What I'd do with $300.

    Would purchase some maintained, old, non-dropped, PR3 niche domain (preferably, health, finance or SEO) - $50-100 - 4-5 days

    Will set up a quality wordpress blog with 15 top class posts - $75-80 - 5-6 days

    A good on-site optimization with some link building efforts (2-3 article marketing, top 100 blog directory submissions, social bookmarking, 4-5 friendly niche incoming links, 4-5 forums links) - $80-100 - 20-30 days

    And after 1 and half month of job, I'll start selling blogposts ($100-200 income per month)
    $50, I'll keep for 2-3 self quality posting and little link building and will save $50-100.

    AFter 3 months, when blog will gain some more value and backlinks, I'll start selling blogrolls and links.. and will save as well as invest good.

    Ummm.. It works.. Just the quickest method of money making. More good jobs you do for this blog, better value and authority it will get and more you will earn.. Just make sure you invest some money out of your earnings for its link building and promotion too.
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    So which way did you go with the investment?

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